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Our story

Ahera is an innovative fitness brand with the goal of creating the largest fitness online community. 

In 2019, we have decided to start to connect our IoT wearable to our social application. 

Created by 5 sports lovers who believe their solution could become a great fitness friend for all of the members of the community.

This solution will help the users to stay motivated, to work out more in order to reach their craziest fitness goals, simply relief their stress or feel better. 


Rudy Bottin

He makes sure all the tasks stay on target.

Amelie copie.jpeg

Amélie Bottin

Our Doctor in Marketing looks after the definition of our brand and values.

Helo copie.png

Héloïse Bottin

Our social media guru. She looks after our brand image.


Manu Delater

His creativity developed your app pages and products shapes.

Kevin copie.jpeg

Kevin Fleer

Product development expert. His 10+ years of experience was crucial for Ahera.

Our name

Coming from the South of France it felt natural to have a name brand in relation with our origins.

This is the reason why we have picked "Ahera" meaning the Well-being in Provencal.

Our mission statement

Our goal is to offer you the best solution as possible while respecting our initial values: Helping people to feel better and respecting the environment. 

We have designed our products with a strong intention of being Eco-Friendly.

Osia sensors will be manufactured only using recycled plastics and the packagings are plastics free. 

This is the reason why we have joined the "1% for the Planet" organisation.

Our manufacturing sites are based in Europe to create the best products for your wrists. In addition, this reduces the journey between the suppliers and your doors to reduce the carbon emission of our products.

In addition to our products, our application was developed by Totem Paris, a world class French digital agency.

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