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Intense full body workout with Mack Pijewski

During the European lockdown due to the current pandemic, we organised live trainings on our Facebook and Instagram pages. These trainings were the perfect opportunity to motivate people to move and sweat more while being stuck at home. In order to make it even more interesting, we had the privilege to have some pro athletes from different sports: trail running, triathlon, cycling, ... - as coaches.

At the end of the trainings, the athletes offered the opportunity to the viewers to ask questions in the comments section in order to create interactions as people might be shy to ask directly the athletes questions even if athletes and personal coaches are always very happy to share their experiences.

Mack Pijewski is a Fitness Lifestyle Coach with full dedication helping people and businesses to achieve their Physical and Business Development Peak. As a Fitness Coach & Business Consultant, he has honed his skills through years of varied trainings, international certifications, and conquered athletic and business arenas.

His academic backgrounds are economics and computer science. But, this does not stop him to be a very athletic person. From a young age, he played basketball, football, and was always open to try any new sports. A couple of years ago after a massive knee injury, he discovered how muscular trainings, optimal performance trainings, and functional trainings could speed up your recovery but also make you healthier, stronger, and happier person. And this is how he found his passion for gym trainings, and he is always very happy to share tips and tricks with athletes.

First of all, regular training is the best way to help ourselves to overcome any fitness and wellness difficulties. Nobody can make us be better, do moves or push our limits more than WE can actually. When we reach our goals, we know we are the ones who made efforts to reach what I call ‘‘success’’.

On our way to reach our goals, we dramatically increase our mental strength because we have to be perseverant and believe in our capacity to change our physique You can build your confidence and nobody and nothing can discourage you or bring you negative ideas, bring you down and keep you away from reaching your dreams. And remember fit is not a destination, it is a way of life.

The goal of this session was to work on the entire body with two athletes with total opposite sports backgrounds. Mack loves short and intense activities, lift heavy while Rudy is a pure endurance athletes in love with long distance runs and long hours activities.

Feel free to ask any questions to Mack in the comments section or on his Instagram. For sure, he will enjoy answering them. He is a true sports lovers and always ready to share tips and advice with you so you can be a better athlete and entrepreneur.

Ahera FREE application will be available very soon on the different App stores. You will be able to tailor your workouts, follow your improvements and create remote competitions with your fitness pals.

Osia, our band will be launched in September, it will allow you to track in real time your workouts on your smartphone using our free application. 

In order to celebrate these great news, we have launched a monthly lottery in order to offer one FREE product per month.

Make sure you subscribe on our website in order to take part of the next one.

In addition to this lottery, Ahera has also launched our online shop. Be proud to show you are part of the Ahera's fitness army by wearing apparel from our range designed for resisting to your craziest workouts.

Stay safe during your coming workouts and use #ahera during your future workouts in order to be reposted on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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