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How to remain motivated during your fitness journey?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Everyone has multiple reasons to start a fitness and weightlifting journey. These can be weight lost or gain, feel stronger, or be better in another sports such as triathlon, cycling or trail running.

Being motivated and have a clear goal are the first and the most important steps of your journey.

We highly recommend you to write them down as a note on your computer, phone or on the door of your fridge, in other words somewhere you will see almost everyday and most probably multiple times a day.

Here is a strong number in order to illustrate the importance of remembering your initial goals. 70% of the fitness journeys end within the first 3 weeks, one of the main reason is people forget: Why they started this journey?

The second step of your fitness journey is to set up a plan according to your lifestyle, work schedule, and family time. Everyone is different, so do not compare your journey, your goals with your friends, colleagues or neighbours. This is a mistake we usually hear from athletes: "I have seen this athlete on Instagram, he has gained 20kilos in 2 months, I want to do the same", "On Instagram, I follow this 30 y.o. business man, he just dropped 10 kilos in no time" so I would like to do the same!

In order to reach your goals, it might take you multiple months, 3, 6 or sometimes even 12 months. At first, you will think it is impossible to reach those goals so you won't even try to reach them. This is the reason why we recommend you to create a clear and proper schedule diving your big goals into small steps.

How much weight should I lose per 14 days in order to reach my ideal wieght?

When is my next big competition?

One of the biggest mistake done by a large numbers of athletes is to set up goals according to their friends, colleagues or according to what they have read online. Do not forget everyone improves at different speeds, this is why you have to set up YOUR goals and you will reach them at YOUR speed.

Once you have divided your big goals into smaller ones, you are ready to start working out, even if your journey has already started. One of the key to success is being consistent along the long journey. It is better to do smaller workouts but more often than one very hard workout followed by multiple days of painful muscles and inactivities.

Plus, do not feel bad it you think your workout was too short or too easy. An easy ten-minute workout is better than no workout at all. You can easily do a 10' abs sessions while watching your favorite show on Netflix and still follow every scenes.

Another key to success is diversity. If you do every day the same session, you will quickly feel bored and will quickly stop to get better. In fitness, so many different exercises exist in order to work on the same muscles group so make sure you do all of them and mix them during your different sessions. Or if you are not a big cardio fan, you can do a twenty-minute bike session followed by a twenty-run, you will end up with a forty-minute cardio session divided in two smaller ones.

In order to allow your body to workout out properly, you have to make sure you give him the proper fuel before, during and after the sessions. Make sure you avoid heavy - i.e. milk or nuts - and over sugary - i.e. Coke, or Snickers - snacks or drinks before and after your sessions.

One more advice for you, even if you would like to lose your extra kilos, creating a massive calorie cut into your diet is not recommended. Your weight loss might be very fast but we can assure you will gain these kilos as soon as you change your diet.

In a coming article, we will provide you healthy recipes in order to help you to have a healthy diet but eating a large range of products. A fitness journey is not about food privation, but the other way around.

If you would like to receive advice on your goals, work outs sessions or nutrition, we will be very pleased to discuss with you. We will feel honoured to help you to reach your goals by developing personal training plans. Our team of personal coaches have strong experiences in weightlifting, CrossFit, triathlon, and running.

At Ahera, we have made your well being our priority, and we have developed a range of products in order to help you during YOUR journey.

When you are out of motivation, always remember the WHY you have started this fitness journey and the motivation will come back in no time!

Do not forget, this is your goal, and make sure you have fun during each sessions. Plus, do not be intimidated by other athletes in the gyms, they might have started their journeys multiple years ago and one day they were also beginners.

Our FREE application will be available very soon on the different App stores. You will be able to tailor your workouts, follow your improvements and create remote competitions with your fitness pals.

Our band will be launched in September, it will allow you to track in real time your workouts on your smartphone using our free application. 

In order to celebrate these great news, we have launched a monthly lottery in order to offer one FREE product per month. Make sure you subscribe on our website in order to take part of the next one.

In addition to this lottery, we have also launched our online shop. Be proud to show you are part of the Ahera's fitness army by wearing apparel from our range designed for resisting to your craziest workouts.

Stay safe during your coming workouts and use #ahera during your future workouts in order to be reposted on your Instagram page.  

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