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How to refine and sculpt your arms?

After working out on your entire abdominal area, Front and Back, but also your glutes it is time to work on the last area which easily stock fat: The arms. But do not worry, they can be refined, by following a good diet - not a very restrictive one - and do several strength exercises.

Everyone has a different morphology, some people will tend to store more in the arms when others will do it more in the buttocks or thighs.

Unfortunately, as soon as you have a little bit of fat on the arms it is visible. This is the reason why the fat below the arms is one of the many complexes some people have, especially for women. How do you get rid of this fat?

First step: Healthy diet! Do not cut all the sugars, fat from your alimentation but just make sure you balance all of them. For your desert, go for a nice yoghurt with fresh fruits and honey instead of a bag of candies.

Second step: Arms work out. Because yes, following a healthy diet is great bu without effort, a lot less results! You might struggle to lift your shower head after some of your workouts, but this is for your own good.

It might take some time before you can see the results but if follow these two steps they will be visible in a few weeks. Trusting the process is the most important thing.

A lot of coaches call it the "bat effect" referring the sagging skin in the triceps. “The skin sways under the arms, which makes women difficult. This is mainly due to the muscles that relax and fat storage ”, explains Kévin Rimet, sports coach but also dietitian-nutritionist. This muscle relaxation might be due to a sudden weight gain or stop of activities.

The first important point is to know that you cannot choose precisely the place in the body where you will lose fat. It is not because we are going to work only the arms that we will lose this "bat effect". On the other hand, we will be able to tone them and gain muscle!

This is the reason why you should always do polyarticular exercises as they mobilize a large number of muscle groups, which will help to dislodge fat all around your body, so along the arms.

Here are some exercises you can easily do at home, to help you to sculpt your arms but also burning fat and reduce your fat mass on your entire body.


Sit on the edge, place your hands around the hips, move your feet forward. The further they are, the harder it is.

Go down along the chair with your back to have your arms bent at 90 ° at the elbows and parallel to the ground. Don't go any lower.

Push ups:

Arms fully extended, with your hands, elbows, and shoulders all in line.

Go down by bending your elbows.

Your chest should not touch the ground but be very close to it.

And push on your hands in order to go up.

Throughout the push-up movement, your spine should be neutral, so that your body forms a straight line from your feet to your head.

Triceps extension:

Stand tall and still, back straight, arms raised in the air with a weight in each hand (or a bottle of water for example).

Keep the elbows above the shoulders, lower the hands behind the head and rise above the elbows. Keep your back straight during the entire exercise.


This plank variation will consist in going from the low plank to the high plank positions.

Begin in the standard high plank position resting on hands and toes with a neutral spine, abs drawn in, neck long.

From there, lower down to one forearm at a time and then back up onto your hands to go to the low plank position. Make your way up by pushing with one of your arms.

Then repeat this movement by alternating sides.

Whether it's exercises that encompass the whole body or highly targeted exercises to tone the area in question, it's important not to forget to go at your own pace. Take it step by step, keeping in mind that it is better to have good posture before increasing the difficulty. This will reduce the risk of injury. Be patient and consistent over the weeks, results will come!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our team of personal coaches will answer all your questions in no time.

Make sure you look after your body properly in order to be able to give 100% during your coming workouts. Do not forget, you have started this journey for yourself so make sure you have fun and avoid to always do the same routine.

Ahera's range of products will grow within the coming days with limited edition products!

Stay tuned! 

Stay safe during your coming workouts, use #ahera during your future workouts in order to be reposted on our Instagramand Facebook pages.

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