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How do should I organise my workout?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Well done, you have decided and written the "Why" you should start your fitness journey after reading our previous article about motivation.

It is now time to prepare for your first work out. The main question you can hear in gyms is: "What should I work on today and HOW?.

All your workouts should be organised by three phases: warm up, session and recovery.

The warm up:

The warm up is very often "forgotten" by athletes doing indoor trainings. During the warm up, you will increase your heart rate, your blood flow and prepare you mind for your future intense exercises. These will prevent injuries such as Tendonitis or muscle tears, reduce muscle pain post workouts.

Make sure you spend between 10 and 15 minutes to warm up the muscles you will focus on later on. At ahera, we have our favourite exercises in order to warm up. We like to warm up doing cardio exercises.

For example, you can do 5' of jumping rope followed by 5' on the rowing machine increasing your speed at the time goes on then 5' doing exercises you will do later but either with no weight or light weights.

Once your warm up is done, you are ready to start giving 200% during your session.

The session:

Your heart is beating nicely, your blood flow is high, and you feel like the A/C is down in the gym. These signals mean you are ready for the main session, you or your coach have prepared.

Do not forget, you have started a fitness journey in order to feel better in your body, relief the daily stress or more confident, so it is important to enjoy the moment even if your muscles will hurt and you will feel tired.

Through out the session, you will start to get tired and you won't pay as much attention as at the beginning of the session on your movements. Make sure you do the exercises properly in order to avoid silly injuries. Trying to get the last rep but taking a big risk being injured is not worth it. You will get this last repetition tomorrow or during another workout.

If you start to feel tired and you know it will be tough to finish the coming series, do not hesitate to ask another athlete and a Gym coach to back you up. They will be very pleased to do it, and you won't be stuck under the bar screaming for help if you can not do the last repetition.

The recovery:

Just as the warm up, many athletes do not take time to recover just after the sessions as "they are in a rush to go back in the office or home" or they do think it is useless.

Recovery will allow your body to cool down, reduce the lactic acid you muscles have generated during the session and you will also be able to think about your session: How you have improved since the previous one, What are your weaknesses, ...

The best options in order to optimise your recovery is to do Non-impact activities such as cycling if you just did a leg workout and work on your mobility if you did a full body session.

Once your recovery is done - between 10 and 15', enjoy a healthy snack and a good shower then see your improvements in the Ahera's App!

Total, the session will be around 45 to 60'. If you give 100% during this time, there will be no need to do more and you will feel improvements very quickly if you workout regularly.

Every week, we will provide you specific workouts according to your needs in order to help you during your journey. Each workouts will have a specific goal: Muscle groups, Mobility, Power, HIIT. You will be able to adapt them y making more or less repetitions and series to make it as intense as you would like. But remember, the importance in your journey is consistency and regularity.

Do not forget, this is YOUR goal, and make sure you have fun during each sessions. Plus, do not be intimidated by other athletes in the gyms, they might have started their journeys multiple years ago and one day they were also beginners.

Our FREE application will be available very soon on the different App stores. You will be able to tailor your workouts, follow your improvements and create remote competitions with your fitness pals.

Osia, our band will be launched in September, it will allow you to track in real time your workouts on your smartphone using our free application. 

In order to celebrate these great news, we have launched a monthly lottery in order to offer one FREE product per month. Make sure you subscribe on our website in order to take part of the next one.

In addition to this lottery, we have also launched our online shop. Be proud to show you are part of the Ahera's fitness army by wearing apparel from our range designed for resisting to your craziest workouts.

Stay safe during your coming workouts and use #ahera during your future workouts in order to be reposted on our Instagram and Facebook pages.  

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