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Essential fitness equipments needed to workout at home

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Welcome in a new Ahera's article. We provide you tips in order to enjoy your fitness journey and so you could avoid making mistakes. We have already talked about How to remain motivated during your fitness journey - see article - the difference between masks while you work out - see article - let's now talk about "What equipments you need in order to optimise your workouts?" even if we have provided you many examples of workouts, more or less intense, which do not require any piece of equipment - see articles.

In order to workout properly in your living room, you do not have to transform it into a gym club every day. We will provide you a list of the must have accessories and the very nice to have in order to optimise your fitness journey and never be restricted during your workouts. Fitness equipments are very easy to find in retail stores or online, and the very large offer ensures you will find competitive prices from Domyos to Hock.

In future articles, we will test and compare different brands for each products, but for now we will only list them and we will provide links to our favorite ones and the ones we use daily.

Here is the list of the must have products at your place in order to enjoy your future workouts.

Yoga mat: Probably the most important equipment needed. We use the Lululemon one, very comfortable, with extra cushion at specific places, very easy to clean and take no space when you roll it. You will need for most of your core exercise, and you stretching/Yoga sessions.

Dumbbells: We use the Ativafit adjustable dumbbells set. So we can adjust the weight very easily, their hexagonal shape allow us to extend the range of exercises possible so they do not take much space once put back in their cases.

Elastics or resistance bands: Elastics bands are not a must have but definitely a very nice to have. We prefer to use resistance band made out of Fabric. They are more comfortable in use and they last longer. We have purchased different resistance bands on Amazon.

Jumping or skipping rope: If you would like to add short but intense cardio exercises, jumping rope is definitely a must have. No need to go fancy on this equipment, we have purchases ours in Decathlon. The first time we started using it, we could only do a couple of jumps, but do not give up and keep training with it, you will get better in no time.

Pair of shoes: This might sound silly but it is very important to wear clothes and shoes you feel comfortable in and will prevent you getting injured if you accidentally kick in your dumbbells or drop a weight on your feet. It would be silly to get injured like this. We have used the Reebok Nano for many years now. But make sure you pick a pair of shoes you will comfortable in. Everyone has different feet.

Pair of shorts: Please avoid working out with your fancy pair of shorts made in Jeans - We have seen it already and prefer a pair made out of synthetic fabric who prevent chafing, your skin will get more fragile as you start sweating.

Tee shirt: Just as your pair of shorts, make sure you pick a top you feel comfortable in and prevent chafing. Obviously, we use the latest Ahera ones made for Women and Men.

Speaker: A great workout cannot be made without a great playlist set up on Spotify. As you will be sweating, you want to listen to your favourite beats with the best quality. We have used the black Harmon Kardon for many years.

Water bottle: During your workout, you will sweat a lot. During intense workouts, you can lose up to 1.5 liter, it is important to hydrate yourself accordingly. Avoid disposable and single bottles - This is our Eco friendly part. The offer is so wide, pic any which matches with your daily outfit.

The last but the least piece of equipment you need, is the Ahera App. It will be available very soon in your favorite App stores.

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Stay safe during your coming workouts, wear a mask and use #ahera during your future masked workouts in order to be reposted on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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