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Advice to get back into fitness in no time!

New Year celebrations are coming! With a new year starting, it is time to write down the new year resolutions. After more than a week of celebrating Christmas with your loved ones, getting back into shape is very often placed on top of the list.

The festive season is over, the back-to-school season awaits you too! But how to get back into a great fitness level? Here are our advices.

You are full of energy to start 2021, you decide to take time just for yourself, get back to a sport activity, or continue the fitness journey started during the multiple - we have loved 2020! - lockdowns?

At Ahera Fitness, the number 1 tip we keep giving is: "Do what you like", or what you dreamed of, or the one you didn't dare to do but about which you finally said to yourself " why not ?". This first step can only be driven by the pleasure you will take to practice the physical activity that makes you want to. As always, we recommend you to write in your favorite notebook, which activities you would like to practice, which muscle group you would like to build, which yoga position you would like to master or simply "Feel more confident in my body".

The number 2 tip we keep giving is: "Do not compare your results with others"! Your body, your goals, your rhythm, your progression, ...

Start by analyzing the situation with reason and objectivity. A good way to know exactly where you are TODAY in the chosen sport is to do a short test. How fast can you run a 5km? How many push ups can you do?

How fast can you swim a 400m?

Then define: how many days, weeks, months or years you will be able to practice sport along the year? Do not forget, consistency is the key to progression. Do not go for one über-session on the weekend and stay in the couch for the next 4 days with super sore muscles and joints. We highly recommend 3 small sessions along the week instead of one big one. Results will be faster!

The ideal would be to work with a Personal Trainer: she/he will be able to analyze your TODAY physical condition, take into account past injuries, evaluate your current technics, then give you advice about your journey or how to improve your technics. His goal is to help you during your journey so you can reach your goals and aim for more in a couple of months.

You have decided your new favourite sports, you know the goals you would like to achieve, you have talked with a coach, and she/he will guide you to reach your goals. Great, but now it is time to make time in your busy schedule between work, various trips, school, children's activities, shopping ... how much time can you allow yourself per day? per week?

This analysis is essential before you commit: when will I be able to free myself, devote time to exercise regularly, so that my activity remains sustainable, at least until summer so 6 months? Can I organize myself with my spouse so that I have the necessary time for myself?

Solo or in group?

Depending on the activity chosen, how do I organize myself? Should I practice alone, with friends, in a club? Make sure you surround yourself well, this will help you to keep your motivation high along the 6 months, receive advices from more experienced athletes, meet new friends...

We highly recommend you to join or create a small team, it is better to be accompanied with other athletes even if their goals are slightly different than your. Thus, when motivation falls in the middle of winter or at aperitif time, your fitness pals will know how to motivate you in order to do one more session. Sport is one of the best social activity, break the ice with work colleagues, meet new friends. So look around you for one or two colleagues, acquaintances, friends, neighbors, cousins or simply your spouse: you will inevitably find an accomplice to share your new favorite activity. Sports should remain a fun part of the day, and part your "Me, Myself and I" time during the day.

If you struggle to create your own group of athletes as everyone has different schedule, some prefer to workout early morning, some during the lunch break and some other during the evenings, there are also groups that are formed spontaneously, so for free, in most large cities, so go for it! You can easily find them on Instagram.

Another practical solution can also be joining the nearest fitness club with one of your work colleague, this could be a great way to spend a part of your lunch break, sweating as a team! Most of them run group classes all day long, very useful to find new gym pals, receive advices from a Professional Trainer, and keep your motivation high while testing different kind of trainings: Spinning, Body Pump, HIIT...

Your journey, your goals

Ask yourself the right questions straight away: why do I want or need to play sport? What are my goals, my expectations? Run fast, being fitter, stress-relief, treating an injury? Target one first and stick with it for the long haul in order to get the expected results.

Above all, this is your journey, your body, your speed. Do not compare with other and to not try to speed up results: persevere despite the little pains that wake up, the aches that ruin your day. As we have previously mentioned, the balance between Diet, cardio, quality sleep and stress control is the key. This will strengthen your mind and you will be a winner in the long run. It always pays off and you are investing in your future health. Once the first goal is reached, after a few weeks or months, you are motivated to invest in the second goal, and so on. The pleasure is thus increased tenfold and perpetuated.

Train with the right equipments

Feeling comfortable and confident in your sport outfit is very important. Plus, it can also be a source of motivation: choosing the right sports outfit. "I just bought a new outfit, now I need to use it".

Stop looking for your old cotton jogging in your closet, forget about your everyday sneakers, rusty dumbbells... It is important to have one - or way more - sport outfit. No need to spend thousands of euros in order to buy sport clothes, especially if you are a beginner. Major retailers have large offers in order to please everyone in terms of prices, colours, ... If you would like to train at home, and you do not have much space to store your fitness equipments, we recommend to buy the strict unavoidable: Yoga mat, resistance bands, and water bottle. We have also already written an article about our favorite gym products, do not hesitate to read it, or simply contact us in order to ask us any questions or advices.

Follow the right diet

The saying "You are what you eat" has never been so topical as when you practice sports and follow a six-month fitness journey. Your body, like a mirror, will reflect your excesses of all kinds sugar, fat. Whether it is a lack of sleep, abuse of fast-food or extra sweet drink, you will feel the negative effects even more during sports sessions: injuries, lack of breath, lack of tone ... in short, you will want to to adjust your diet and your sleep reasonably, but DO NOT create an important calories deficit. Along this journey, your body will need more energy than ever, in order to recover, build muscle, and simply operate properly.

Start 2021 off with solid goals written in your agenda, take time for yourself, and contact us if you would like solid training plans to achieve your solid goals.

To summarize: You have the desire to get back to sport, it's already a small win! You will necessarily go on to achieve YOUR beautiful project. Take paper, pencil and write: your goals, your projects, your ideas to achieve them. Come back to it from time to time to keep track, cross out the already achieved goals, write new ones: this is how we construct our ideas, how we select our choices. Then you will take action for your greater satisfaction and for your health.

Make sure you look after your body properly in order to be able to give 100% during your coming workouts. Do not forget, you have started this journey for yourself so make sure you have fun and avoid to always do the same routine.

Ahera's range of products will grow within the coming days with limited edition products!

Stay tuned! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our team of personal coaches will answer all your questions in no time.

Stay safe during your coming workouts, use #ahera during your future workouts in order to be reposted on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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