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Osia by Ahera

A 360° fitness experience!

Are you ready to tailor your fitness workouts?

Are you ready to follow your gyms training in real time on your smartphone? 

Are you ready for remote competition with your friends?

We have developed a range of products for YOU.

Osia will become your best friend for all your fitness sessions. Our innovative wearable allows you to plan, track, share and analyse every session, without any restriction. Challenge yourself and the Ahera community!

Try us for yourself, jump on board and start paving your fitness journey with us.

Wear it on your wrist or magnetically attach it to your favorite fitness accessories

Visualise and track your progress

Tailor your trainings

Your community will become your best support

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Our Goal

Osia was designed with a clear goal:

 Keep YOU motivated all year long, to improve your day-to-day well-being and make sure you have fun while doing it.

This is why we have developed your fitness favorite accessory, Osia.

The ultimate fitness solution combining a band to its dedicated app to improve your experience while practicing weightlifting, HIIT, ...

This solution that will change your everyday fitness game.

By using our solution, set yourself ambitious goals, plan, share your activity and progress every day.

Osia's features

Elegant design

The design was conceived, in order to offer you a unique product


Easy Bluetooth to device pairing. 

Long battery life

Do not worry about having enough battery. It will last a dozen of your fitness sessions.


You will be part of one of the largest online communities

Eco - friendly

Our sensors are manufactured using recycled plastics only and our packagings is plastic free.

Easy to use

User centred design process ensures seamless product-App use and integration. 

State of the art motion sensor technology

We have pushed to maximum limits by designing the heart of our sensor. Osia's heart is equipped by the latest technologies in order to track your workouts like never before.

200911_ahera app layout.png

Our App

Ahera's App has been designed in order to offer you a seamless experience before, during and after your workouts.  

To do so, we have brought to market a hands-free solution that allows you to track your daily fitness progression, keep it light

and enjoyable by setting yourself plus your friends challenges, and share your favorite workouts with your fitness pals.

App_Osia copie.png

Join us

If you are ready to join the Ahera's community, make sure you subscribe to

our mailing list.

Don't worry, we won't spam you! 

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