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Welcome at Ahera!

A 360° Fitness experience

Our high ends fitness products will be your favorite accessories before, during and after your strength and conditioning trainings.

Osia by Ahera

Our innovative sensor to its dedicated App allows you to tailor your trainings, track them in real time then share and analyse all your sessions without any restriction.

Launching during Spring 2023!


Ahera's collection

While our team finished the development of Osia by Ahera, you can use a large collection of Ahera's products.

Be proud to show you are part of the Ahera's fitness tribe by exercising with Ahera's products.

Ahera Fitness Resistance bands copie.png

Resistance bands

Our pack of 3 fabric resistance bands to accompany you during your next workouts.


Athletic Facemask

The Athletic Facemask was designed to resist to your trainings and daily life. 

Protein shaker

Enjoy your recovery drink in our protein shaker which will fit in your gym bag.

Ahera Shaker LBC eggplant.png

Workout tops

Our range of workout tops for Women and Men will perfectly fit everyone.

Cap lifestyle.jpg

Trucker hat

Wear the stylish Ahera's flat cap in your leisure time, before or after your workouts.

Join the Ahera Fitness' tribe and enjoy a 15% discount 

on your first order!

Welcome in Ahera Fitness!


Custom products

We will be very pleased to customise our products with your club, team or company logos. 
We can also create new colour ways to match perfectly your needs!

Contact us directly!

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